Meet Our Staff


Toby Snowden

Senior and Teaching Pastor
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Toby has been the Senior and Teaching Pastor of High Pointe for 25 years. He also directs the work of the Southwest Center for Training and Church Planting, Mission Cedar Hill and Toby Snowden Ministries. He has been an adjunct professor for 3 years now at the College of Christian Faith at Dallas Baptist University.

He and his wife, Ellen, live in Cedar Hill and have 3 grown children.


Francisca Arenas

Worship Leader
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Francisca or “Franny” as everyone calls her, has a rich background in both music performance and worship leading. She has studied at Christ for the Nations (Worship & Technical Arts) and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Dallas Baptist University (Interdisciplinary Studies-Christian Ministry & Early Childhood Education). Currently, she is working on a Masters degree in Christian Education at DBU.

Along with her bilingual ability and friendly nature she is known as both a worship leader and a lead worshipper. Franny has a passion for planning and organizing worship services and has managed worship teams and loves to mentor and develop servant worship leaders. She takes pride in creating an inviting, worshipful atmosphere and a space in which people can meet with God.


Missy M. Reimer

Children's Minister
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Missy has been the Children’s Minister at High Pointe for 10 years. She and her husband, Jay, have 2 adult children, David and Jenny. Missy believes that in order to minister to children you need to love God and love kids. Her greatest desire is that children learn that God loves them and wants them to be part of His family.


Daniel Foster

Youth Minister
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We are very blessed to have Daniel Foster as our youth minister! Daniel, his wife Kirsten, and now their baby Benjamin have been with us for four years. Daniel is also a part time teacher at Waxahachie Prep high school, teaching 7th grade general science, 9th Biology, 10th Chemistry, and 12th grade Anatomy. He is also the head golf coach.

Daniel has a passion for students and is very relational with them. His heart is for mentoring and discipling the students of this generation. “The youth absolutely love to serve. Our local mission trip, “Mission Cedar Hill,” is our most attended event of the year. Serving the people around us is our DNA as a youth group.” The youth are also involved with DNOW, Youth Camp Fuego, and various other out-reaches and activities.


Glenn Majors

Minister of Missions and Church Planting
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Glenn has been the Minister of Missions & Church Planting at High Pointe since 2007. He is active in the Cedar Hill Rotary Club, serves on the board of the International Museum of Cultures and he also serves on the board of Cowboy Up International, Waxahachie, TX. Prior to his work at High Pointe, Glenn worked for the Baptist General Convention of Texas and The Baptist Standard.

Glenn and his wife, Linda, live in Duncanville.

Claudia Arenas

Church Secretary/Admin
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It’s more than a job, it’s a ministry.


Sharon A. Fry

Financial Secretary
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Sharon has been the Financial Secretary for High Pointe for 18 years. She is married to Keith Fry and they have 3 children. They have lived in Cedar Hill for 27 years. Sharon has been a member of High Pointe for 25 years.

BJ Kidd

Ministry Assistant
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BJ has been the Ministry Assistant for High Pointe since 2006. Prior to her employment, she was a dedicated volunteer to High Pointe’s Children’s Ministry. BJ and her husband, Chico, live in Dallas with two of their 15 grandchildren. BJ has been a member of High Pointe for 11 years.